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    Towway Lamp and Electronic Co., Ltd is a recognized leading supplier of special lighting products in china market, We are the strategy Partner of Philips special Lighting in south China market, and import Osram special lighting form abroad, We also supply special lighting of many more international brands, such as  GEUSHIOEYE, FUJI LAMP etc.

    Our products cover : Halogen special Lighting, Fluorescent special Lighting, Incandescent special Lighting, Electrodeless lamp ,Xenon lamps, Deep UV lamps, Super Hight Mercury Capillary Lamp,Mercury-Xenon lamps,

    Deuterium Lamp, Hollow cathode lamp, Spherical Mercury lamp, Krypton Arc Lamp, Medical Lamps and so on.

    Towway Lamp and Electronic Co., Ltd lies in seeing tides HuiZhou city, GuangDongn province of famous scenic spot, well-known, Border on ShengZheng city in the north and go to the sea, adjoin GuangZhou city on the west, navy, army and air force traffic is very convenient.

    Our company insists on the aim that" the quality first, best price, consumers satisfied ", and under the guide of science and technology, in past years ,we enjoyed  good reputation and prestige from customers, home and abroad.

    Towway help you solve the problem about special lamps!Welcome to contact us if you have any suggestion or help,our staff would response you in first time. Within large inventory ,we will provide fast delivery, best price & service.

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